How to Set It Up

It’s easy. You can set yourself up to receive and share PassStamp NFTs in just three steps. 

√ It’s free.
√ It’s fast.
√ No Cryptocurrency needed.

1. Create a Wallet.

2. Configure your Wallet for Polygon.

3. Create an OpenSea account.

1. Create a Wallet

It takes than five minutes to create a crypto wallet. This is used to store your NFTs. Your Wallet can also be used to sign you into next-generation Web3 websites.

We recommend MetaMask, but you can use any wallet that uses the Polygon blockchain.

Blockchain? Polygon?? What???

Polygon is basically the “currency” that PassStamp NFTs use. There’s more to it, but that’s the basic gist.

Click the button below to create your free MetaMask wallet, install it on your browser, and return here.


Save your private key string (those 12 words they gave you) in a secure location. Don’t give those words to anyone. Not us, not anyone!

2. Configure Your Wallet for Polygon

You’re just going to add the Polygon network to your Wallet.

Open the menu on the upper right.

Click “Expand view.”

This will open a new tab.

In the new tab, open the pill-shaped button on the upper right (likely will say “Ethereum Mainnet”) to display the network menu.

Click “Add Network.”

It takes you to a form. Fill it out with this information. Copy and paste from here to make it easier.

Network Name

(choose one)



Block Explorer URL

Click Save.

PHEW! The hardest part is done.

3. Create an OpenSea account

OpenSea is a platform where you can display, buy, share, and sell NFTs. You will need to create a free account here to access the unlockable content within your PassStamp.

Since you’ve already created your Wallet, you just need to use your Wallet to log in.

Click the button below and follow the instruction to connect your wallet.


Congratulations! Was that so hard?